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"How to Achieve a Boho-Chic Look"

Not sure how to achieve a boho look? Here you'll find bohemian fashion style tips and tricks and how to achieve a modern and chic boho style.

Nicole Richie in chic boho flowy dress
Nicole Richie via celebutopia

With the right mix, you can achieve a chic bohemian style and look stunning without evoking any signs of sloppy hippie vibe.

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If you're new to boho fashion and don't know where or how to start, or if you need any fresh ideas on putting together outfits, then check out my bohemian style tips below:

Read on and discover the key elements of achieving a chic bohemian fashion style:

What to Avoid When it Comes to Boho Style

If there's one thing many girls and women do wrong when attempting to achieve the look, then it has to be:

Putting on too many and too long layers!

Mary Kate Olsen Boho Homeless Outfit
Mary Kate Olsen in lots of unnecessary, non-flattering layers.
Year 2005. Via

Uh-oh. That is so not the boho chic look we're aiming for. No matter confidence, if your outfit has too many long layers you'll look smaller and swallowed up. Especially if you're short by nature. I know, it's tempting to layer your outfit with your favorite accessories but there is a fine line between looking casual-stylish and trying too hard.

    Mini notebook icon So How Do You Layer an Outfit?

    Here are 2 important pointers:

    1. Go easy on the color combinations, layers, length and fit of your outfit. Avoid anything that's bigger than your body frame (use a belt to a shapeless bohemian dress if you have to) or anything that extends past your feet. If you're Petite make sure to adjust to your body scale.

    2. When it comes to layering, you'll usually know where to stop.

    Step a few feet away from the mirror and take notice of how the clothes fall from your frame.

    • Does it draw attention away from your face?
    • Does it "drag" your frame down, making you look smaller or stumpy?
    • Does it make you look heavy or heavier than normal on some areas?

    If yes, take one layer off or consider wearing something less dense-looking.

Keep it feminine and chic by mixing oversized with tailored/fitted clothes. Like say, if you're wearing a oversized sweater or tunic top, add a pair of straight or slim-fitted jeans to balance out the look.

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Bring Out Your Personality,
Not Nicole Richie's

Blend a boho outfit with something that's more YOU and TODAY.

You want to look trés chic, so avoid the total hippie á la street beggar look by blending boho with your own signature style.

Take a look at these examples:

Love bling and glam? Try Boho Luxe with gold, diamonds (cubic zirconia or Swarovski if you're broke) and a designer-inspired handbag etc.

Boho glam

A bit rough around the edges? How about Boho Urban/Rock with studded accessories, black leather, chain, skulls etc.

Boho rock

More laid-back? Go for Boho Sporty/Casual with a hat, white sneakers, beaded multi necklace

Boho casual

Refined and simple? Try Boho Classy with tailored clothes like a blazer. Pearls and chain jewelry blend well together.

Boho classy

And then we have the Trendy boho, Romantic boho... and many more! You decide what you like... and make it YOURS by adding your own twist :-)

Learn more about finding and defining your personal style

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Earthy Colors

An important key element in bohemian fashion is the colors. Typical boho colors are rich and warm in color. So focus on black, brown, cream white, khaki and olive green as your main fashion color palette.

Bohemian boho colors palette

And build it from there with gold, silver, grays, dark red, deep purple and other vibrant colors. Remember to keep the color combinations simple with no more than 3-4 colors.

Unfortunately, not everyone suits the boho colors stated here. Some of the colors might come out too strong or weak depending on what skin tone, hair and eye color you have.

You might want to take a color analysis test to identify your best colors. Color is pure science so focus on selecting the right ones prevents you from killing your appearance.

Or use neutrals to adjust the temperature of the colors. For example, wear gold to warm up black or gray.

    Mini notebook icon Note: Don't worry, if the boho colors aren't on your personal color palette, you can always do a few adjustments to make it work for you. Always wear your best colors near your face because that's where people will notice first. All other colors can be worn from the waist down.

You can also consider other color nuances that are similar to the mentioned colors.

And of course, if muted, pastel colors are your thing then you can incorporate those colors with the boho colors - making bohemian fashion something of your own!

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Details, Details, Details

Express yourself with affordable accessories and details! Bohemian fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Instantly transform a pair of jeans and a white tunic shirt into a boho outfit with a brown leather hobo bag, ethnic embroidered scarf, gold and layered necklace, multiple bangle bracelets, gladiator sandal shoes and so on.

Multiple bohemian details

Do wear pieces that create a statement and that people will notice or even comment. Try a hat or cap, beaded sandals, headband á la hippie style, big and colorful jewelry etc.

Check out my boho jewelry and boho handbags section for more fashion tips.

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Layer It!

Follow a casual bohemian style look by layering a basic top with an oversized cardigan and a big paisley shawl on top of it. Again, layer it all with jewelry and a chic bag.

If you're brave enough (the right personality) you can layer it even more with a belt wrapped around your waist or/and a print blouse on top of the basic tee.

Bohemian layering

You're not running for a contest on how many clothing you can pile in one outfit! Balance your look by mixing wardrobe essentials with trends, plain with patterns, fitted/tailored with baggy/oversized etc.

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Breathe Life Into the Past

The bohemian fashion you see today is very much inspired by the 60s and 70s. So find inspiration in wide leg pants, kaftans and floral dresses.

Wear vintage to add a bohemian touch to your outfit

If you love vintage then bring your grandma's floral shirt back to life! Go for laces, floral, distressed looking leather bags etc. Find unique vintage pieces at thrift stores or in your mother's closet.

Check out more fashion tips in the Style & Shopping Guide to Vintage Fashion & Clothing

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Go Ethnic

Bohemian fashion style is influenced by every corners of the world, so adding a little bit of exotic flair is a must. It adds texture and richness to your look which are a must for a boho-chic look.

Boho ethnic

Make your outfit more exciting with African prints, Indian bangle bracelets, shawl from Peru, large and chunky gold jewelry and so on. For more inspiration, do a quick research on different ethnic prints and patterns such as Ikat.

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Follow the Big Bohemian Fashion Queens

To keep your boho look modern and up-to-date pick out a few celebs who's style you like and wish to adapt into your own. Go to their fansites and observe their latest outfits.

Remember to avoid being a total copy-cat. You're not trying to look like the next Kate Moss! Besides, not everything we see on celebrities and models will look good on us. So make sure that you assess what looks good with your personal style.

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I hope you've found my bohemian fashion style tips useful! All of the points I've stated above are key factors to achieving a chic boho look.

One of the important things you'll have to remember when it comes to fashion is to always personalize a look to make it more YOU. So adjust boho fashion into your own liking and flair!

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