You Have a Bohemian Clothing Personality!

A Bohemian Clothing Personality radiates freedom and laidback-ness.

Bohemian is no longer considered to be a fashion persona. It's more of a fashion style-version of Natural and Creative clothing personality.

Boho bohemian fashion personality fashion style
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Mini star icon Your Celebrity Style Twins are: Nicole Richie (Boho and Trendy), Tracee Ellis Moss, Vanessa Hudgens, Mischa Barton, Rachel Zoe (Boho and Dramatic), Diane von Furstenberg

You like dressing comfortable and being self-expressive. You like wearing loose-fitted clothes and your taste tends to gravitate towards exotic-looking pieces like for example tribal/ethnic prints, gypsy layering (several tops and jewelry on top of each other), Indian stacked bangle bracelets, flower power (floral print, circle skirts, hippie headbands, etc.).

Joy Bryant has a Bohemian clothing personality
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You're not afraid of colors but you prefer neutrals such as browns and deep, rich colors compared to stark nuances (crisp white, electric blue, etc.). You probably have an individualistic, creative and unconventional lifestyle. If not then you dream of achieving it some day.

Styles of Bohemian

This fashion style represents many flavors, leaning towards the hippie (wide leg pants, retro prints, etc.), quirky and kitchy cool classification. Bohemian clothing style usually overlaps with Romantic and Eclectic, but with 'pure' boho consisting more of casual and ethnic elements.

Bohemian Style Tips

Enhance Your Style With (closet essentials): Tunics tops and dresses (especially floral), hobo handbags, rugged looking knee or ankle boots in suede or distressed leather, long beaded necklaces, exotic charm jewelry (for example Hamsa), gladiator sandals, long peasant skirts, stacked bangles and bracelets, fringe scarves, peasant blouse, wide leg jeans.

Bohemian closet essentials

How to Improve Your Style: With your laidback and free-flowing mind, you may have the tendency to overdo your style with many layers and 'nick nacks' (jewelry on every available area of your body). If you're petite you need to cut down on the adornments because too much drowns your look. Balance it out more with basic garments to achieve a chic look. Click here for more bohemian fashion style tips

Where to Shop: Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, vintage and thrift stores, many trendy stores (many retailers treat boho style as a high fashion trend), Macy's

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