Body Shape Question: What Shape Am I If I Have High Hips?

by Elisabeth

Model with hourglass shape and high hips

Model with hourglass shape and high hips

I have been trying to decide what body shape I am for a while now - but I just cannot seem to find out whether I'm this or that. I always end up not fitting quite into any of the specifications...

I think I might be an hourglass, as my upper and lower body are proportioned, I have somewhat big breasts and broad shoulders (slightly larger than the broadest part of my hips) and I have a defined waist, BUT - I gain weight on my upper body, especially around the tummy area, and my high hips are very broad no matter what weight I am - almost as broad as my hips. It's not a smooth graduation, instead it goes out from the waist, then in again under the high hips, then flares gradually out again on the hips and thighs. This makes me wonder if I'm an apple, but I cannot seem to make that fit either...

My high hips are my nemesis, and I feel fat wearing tops and jackets that are nipped in the waist, as I get that shelf-like appearance; not because I have a short upper body, as I don't, but because I don't have that smooth graduation from waist to hips.

So - please help me! What am I, and what's the best tips you got?

Hei Elisabeth:)

apple body shapes tend do have narrow hips and wide torso with a tendency to gain weight around the tummy, so I don't think you are an apple.

Woman with high hips and short waist

Image source: Countess Grotesque

Lumps and Bumps = Problem Area

However it definitely sounds like you are an hourglass body shape but with hip bones further up your body. This is more of a "problem area" issue and doesn't automatically put you out of the Hourglass group.

I believe you're an Hourglass Body Shape but with lumps and bumps (that's normal!)

What really indicates that you are an hourglass is the shape of your torso - which the shoulders and bust are at approximately same width as your high hips and your defined waist.

If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about trying to fit into one single category, but try to find one close to your shape and do some tweaking to smooth over what you don't like and add more curves to parts lacking it. My tips for Apple body shapes help with skimming past your lower hips/abdomen.

High Hips = Short Waist

Your high hips can also be an indication of a shorter torso because the hips appear higher up on the torso and shorten it. Another characteristic that indicates that you do have a short torso is that you look wider on top (this is due to the lack of waist length) which can explain why you feel fat when wearing nipped tops.

I suggest that you also dress for this issue which you can find tips on in the Vertical Body Shape-section. Elongating your torso will help downplay your high hips.

So you've got the ideal proportions but with an 'uneven' surface around the hips, how do dress to smoothen it out?

What to Wear with High Hips?

The right choice in bottoms is very important. Low-rise are quite popular nowadays but they only emphasize your wide high hip bones. Your best investments are mid-rise and high-rise pants/jeans/skirts will help disguise the uneven graduation by skimming over the 'scoop'.
August 2011 Update: If worn wrong high waist can shorten your torso and highlight your high hips. Learn more about the right way to wear high waist on a short waist: Ask Anna: Can a Short Torso Work with a Highwaisted Skirt

Bottoms that float away from your waistline helps distract the eye from your hips so look for straight, boot cut, and flare leg pants/jeans.

Tops that float away from your mid-section, such as empire cut, banded tops and trapeze silhouette.

You might also discover that some of my tips on dressing a a short torso can be useful for skimming over your high hips.

August 2011 Update: For more tips on how to dress your high hips go here: Ask Anna: I Have High Hips and I Don't Know What to Wear

Hope this helps!

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Jul 06, 2016
Just wandering
by: Anonymous

Do guys find girls with high hips attractive?

Jul 02, 2016
Yeii I'm not the only one!
by: Anonymous

Until two years ago, I thought my body shape was completly normal and that the rare thing is to have hips and butt perfectly alined in a curve,but then I had a few friends with broad hips like me and I told them how I hated my hips because of my double hip lump and they were like what? I only have one hip lump... And I was like oh.. so I'm alone in this but now I can see that we are quite a lot! Haha we're just spread out 😂 I'm from Spain btw :)

Jul 02, 2016
Same here! Thanks for the names!
by: Anonymous

Oh my God thank you so much! I have the same type of body as the one she described and I've always worn everything which is layed out in this post, but now that I know the names to them like the "empire cut" it's going to be much easier for me to find them! Thanks!

Apr 15, 2015
High hips
by: Anonymous

I've always been bothered by my high hips & I always thought I was the only one with this body type. I'm in great shape but my hips sometimes make me look larger.

Apr 03, 2015
Muscle build up
by: Anonymous

If you are unsatisfied with your high hips you can build muscle on them by working on your gluteus medius. That will add muscle so that your hips will appear rounder and wont make your high hips as noticeable. :)

Dec 13, 2014
Love your hips :)
by: Anonymous

I think people shouldn't use the word "hate" to describe their body and I agree that the model in the first picture does look unhealthy thin, look at her tiny arms, and also agree it would be a good idea to put up a picture with a person that looks to be at a healthy BMI instead.

According to my chest measurement I'd be a pear shape, but I'm not because of my shoulders that are slightly wider than my hips. I'm actually an hourglass and I too have shelf hips, with the widest point of my hips at thigh/butt level but then again a front-visual wide point next to my belly button.

I'm about 5'7.5", quite athletic, and weight about 136 pounds, so I'm in no way overweight, but when I wear low-rise pants they're generally really uncomfortable and add artificial love-handles and I tend to get red pressure marks if I sit around for a long time. I don't really have love handles, but the edge of the pants creates them, even when I'm wearing the correct size. As you may guess, I really hate the low-rise [skinny] jeans style and prefer to wear medium/higher rises.

My advice if you have high hips is to avoid low-rise pants and skirts as they can be quite uncomfortable with your hips and wear mid-rise or high-rise instead. You're not ugly if you have these hips, they're perfectly natural and there are many healthy models with similar hips that wear bodycon dresses and clingy fabrics, but you need to pick the right style and colour for you so it doesn't put emphasis on your "shelf". You can also try to wear high rise underwear or a body underneath the dress to smooth the hips a bit and avoid the bulging of some lower rise underwear & make sure your tights end slightly above your hip bone rather than in the narrower section between the upper and lower hip/mid thigh.

Also, be careful when picking underwear and always buy the right size. Especially if you like to wear boxer-brief style underwear with a wide elastic waistband. If you buy the waist band (slightly too) tight and it ends in the narrower section that I mentioned before (which unfortunately is the case with most women's underwear, it really is hard to find a proper boxer-brief that ends high and has longer legs), then it will create a hip bulge further up which you'll probably want to avoid.

Nov 17, 2014
The model
by: Anonymous

Some one please give that girl some food because she may be thin like how most girls wanna be but isant there a point where this is gros? Do you want your kids to grow up trying to look like that? My sister is anorexic and it hurt a lot of people I know this is sorta unrelated but I just wanted to put this out there

Aug 02, 2014
High-hipped girl
by: Alenka

I still struggle with my body type. 5' 1", 118 pounds, athletic body type, broad shoulders and smaller (violin shaped) hips. I am an inverted triangle body type. But that's not the point. The point is that God created each one of us beautifully. Who said that everybody needs to be an hourglass with those perfect round hips? The media says it, it also says that we should all be 95 pounds, thin and tall, also... Big eyes and pointy nose and big lips with. Heart shaped, flawless face. Perfect white teeth and silky shiny wavy long hair. Well, that's all fake, this is reality. We are all different and all beautiful. If you are big, lose some weight. But you can't change your body type. You can only change your attitude. Either live in anger and hatred toward your body or accept the beautiful figure that you have and be happy :) it's a body type, it's not a big deal. One day your body will die and all that will be left is your soul, take care of the fact whether your soul will be in heaven or hell, this is important. As I did, pray that God would help you see yourself through the eyes that He sees you. You are precious in his eyes! He loves you very much. Don't waste your time hating your body girls, fill your mind with positive things :) thank God for the fact that you have a body. That you aren't blind or deaf or mute. Compare yourself to people who have it worse and don't fall into self pity. Love you all God bless you and love yourselves. This goes to me also, daily reminder.

Jun 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

yep, I'm also part of the high-hipped crew... I hate my hips so much... I can't wear bodycon dresses cause they accentuate my hipbones even more! I'm 5'2 and 100 pounds and they stick out so much I want to just run over them with a truck!
I googled all those models like Brooklyn Decker and Kate Upton but they don't describe exactly my body type (cause little to no boobs here LOL) but as I googled Raquel Welch, I've been enlightened: I have the same body shape as hers. Broad shoulders, medium/small tits and high hipbones that stick out like there's no tomorrow ç_ç
I wear a line dresses most of the time, cause they smoothen out my hips, but every time I have to go shopping for jeans or trousers, I can't find a pair that actually fits all of my body parts. It's so frustrating...
I also have a high belly button which makes finding high waisted jeans that actually cover my belly button more difficult than ever!
What can we do ladies, we have to accept these weird hips and try to embrace them... It's hard, I know

May 18, 2014
Last comment
by: Anonymous

Well most of us aren't freakin 5'8 and 120 pounds like you and models so that's easy for you to say... Think about how it feels to be 5'4 with those type of hips like my torso is so short you don't even know all because of stupid high ass hips

May 11, 2014
High Hips
by: Anonymous

To be honest I'm terrified to go swimming this summer. I feel so ugly if i look at myself in the mirror because my body curves from my hips, then curves down and slightly curves again at my legs. I've connected all the other comments to mine-most are tall and skinny, and their legs are slim and long. I'm 5'8', 14, and 122 pounds. I'm athletic, people think I'm pretty, but sometimes I really wish i didn't have hips like these.They make me pull my pants up everytime I stand up because of the uneasy feeling that my pants will basically slip off my body. I'm glad to find a page like this, but in all honesty now I'm more self-conscious because of how all you guys feel and hate your hips. No of course I don't like them, but I'm trying to accept them. Whenever I don't like something about myself, I search whatever it is on google images and look for models. I look at how the models rock those high hips, and they make me feel so much better. Try doing that, I know this is a rant social page about high hips, but it won't help to all talk about everything you hate about them. Your insecurity might attract someone else that feels completely fine, and I'm sure it won't make you feel better to focus on your bad parts. Think of the positive as well. I think high hips give me long legs, and aren't those what some girls really want? I hope we can all help each other instead of making ourselves feel bad.

May 05, 2014
No the only one
by: Anonymous

Omgosh yes this is so me I hate that I have a short torso and long legs and my hips are so high that I can't wear crop tops because It makes me look big ugh I thought I was the only one but no I'm happy that there's actually people with my figure out there

Apr 28, 2014
Anorexic photo
by: Anonymous

Please consider changing that photograph. That poor model is dangerously underweight. I hesitate to say anorexic, but that's exactly what this looks like.

Apr 02, 2014
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I am so happy that I have found you guys. I always thought that I was alone with this double hip thing. My sisters and my niece doesn't have it and they make fun of me all the time. They don't understand why I can't wear the same stuff as they do or why I can't buy clothes online. I have to try on everything I try to buy and it gets frustrating! I got so angry with them recently because they were criticizing me and quarreling with me because I didn't want to wear my sister's clothes. But it looked horrible on me and they none of us knew why so they started making fun of me and saying that I had no shape etc. I was almost in tears so I got angry and told them off. If I had seen this post sooner I'd have been able to explain to her. At least now I know for myself so I'll know how to shop and what will look best on me. So thank you. And I do love showing off my legs. Because of my shorter torso my legs are long. Guys love it!!! Jeans are a mystery to me though cuz they can never fit right. They are either too big or too small.

Feb 27, 2014
body shape
by: Anonymous

I'm 5ft7...weighs 64 hips and boobs is 38 inches though sometimes my boobs is 37 inches and my waist is 31 inches..have a little fat on d tummy..long slim legs with well shaped calves...I don't know what shape I am..though I have small bum and I don't really knoow about this high confused

Feb 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am so happy to have found this page! Ever since I was old enough to realize that my hips were high and created a "bumpy" appearance I've struggled with my self-esteem. I weigh about 190 at 5'6, but have been told constantly that I look less, figuring that all my weight is located in my (obnoxiously) large bust and bum, but also my too high hips! What I never understood was that my waist is pretty small (42-33-42). All my friends have an average waist and torso but one, so I always thought I was alone, until I found this forum. And recently I've learned to embrace my double hips and learn to dress them, even though my wardrobe consists of crewnecks, yoga pants and leggings. My boyfriend loves my "awkward" shape and I'm learning to also. So love those hips ladies! They're beautiful, just as you are, so embrace them! You're not alone :)

Feb 05, 2014
Change your perspective
by: Anonymous

"Another characteristic that indicates that you do have a short torso is that you look wider on top (this is due to the lack of waist length) which can explain why you feel fat when wearing nipped tops."

You nailed it. High hipped women can often look wider on top. But I find that they often have lovely legs which are slimmer.There is beauty in every body shape.

Kelly Brook, a shapely model for Britain, is a perfect example of a high and broad hipped woman. And her figure is gorgeous. She is regularly featured in the British press and tabloids for her beautiful figure. And she was also featured on TMZ the other day. And the one of the most beautiful women of all time - Raquel Welch has hips that sit higher on her body.

Jan 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

I think that we are just stuck with it, I've gotten over myself and it sucks but I just wear yoga pants and dresses all the time it helps as long as you get the right shirt and style of dress

Jan 04, 2014
My worst nighmare!!!
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with my body shape and I'm totally sick of it!! Since I'm a little girl i always hate the way my body looks weird like i have double hips. Now I know that such a thing is existed I am really into finding a solution for it. I just can't let it go. I can consider myself as skinny and I'm really tall, I love my body exept those high f*cking hipbones. I usually try to hide them but guess what you actually can't if you are bot wearing bell shaped hight waisted skirts. I live wearing pencil skirts and high waisted jeans but they look just awfull on me and I'm inlove with crop-tops as much as pencil skirts but when I put them on they couldn't look any funnier. As a girl who loves clothes and fashion, I hate shopping!!! It's my worst nightmare especially when it comes to buying jeans. As i aid earlier high waisted jeans look so awfull because it shows your double hip off, med waisted jeans just dont fit me beause the botton line is right on my high hip area and if I get a size bigger so it can fit, it's just too big for my legs and looks funny, and for the last one low-waisteds!! I dont even want to talk about how low waisted jeans look like on me, they just give me that huge love handles and muffin top look and there is no shirt on this earth to cover that exept a hoodie sweater or something which I would necer wear outside off the house.

If there was somebody who could tell me, i could cut off the sticking parts out of your hip bones and give you that smooth nice proper curvy look i would go for it. I have met with tones of people recomending me to be a model because of my hight and people who try to hook me up with modeling agencies but I never tried not because I dont want to I actually would love to but I was so embarresed of my shape to even try. I even tried to lose wait, no matter how much i lise how much i work out it's still there.

Dec 12, 2013
no confidence - I worry about you, and empathise
by: Anonymous

To the last poster - the young girl who so clearly lacks confidence and security. I never write on internet forums but your post hit a nerve. I really idnetify and empathise with what you write. I am a different life stage - in my early thirties, two children - but I feel the same. Oddly, and thankfully, reading someone else, someone younger, expressing how I feel strengthens me and helps. I have, frankly, an odd body - high hips, very short waist, tiny tits, big thighs, long bottom...I hate it! BUT I also know that actually there is some beauty hidden in there and I don't actually think anyone else notices. I don't really have advice, just wanted to offer some sisterhood. What I suppose I could suggest in terms of dressing is - dresses. I find a sort of fit and flare, or skater style as it is sometimes called, in a short cut sort of smooths over the lumpy profile I have, shows off legs and arms, high waist etc...maybe try? I avoid trousers unless I haev a loose and fairly long top, then it looks fine. Please, though, at risk of being hypocritical, try ot think of yourself as a whole person rather than bits and pieces. xxx

Dec 06, 2013
No confidence.
by: Cat

Glad I found this sight. I'm 15 5'4 and 120 pounds I'm super athletic and I basically eat an apple for lunch and a tiny dinner and milk and water. I can't begin to explain how much I cry about my body. High hips are horrible and my torso is terribly short. No jeans fit me correctly due to my weird waist high waisted stuff looks horrible as well. I'm embarrassed to wear swim suits and usually my daily wear is yoga pants and baggy shirts. It just sucks no matter how much weight i lose they will never go away, I can't even get surgery to fix it. I hate it when people complain about being fat because they can do something about it and no matter what I do I'm stuck. Why me? Every other teenage girl in my whole freakin school has a regular body and ughhhhhhh I just need to rant. It's just a curse and all the style tips on here don't work. Ha somehow I got voted best dressed in eighth grade but I can never find anything to wear cause it doesn't look good on me it's not that I don't have clothes. If I could loose these stupid weird hips I honestly wouldn't have any other issues with me body. I'm just going to stop now I'll start crying again. Maybe I'll just go anerexic and see if my hips will go away but they probs won't since it's bone not even fat or anything. Like from the side I am so skinny! I even have abs going on.

Sep 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

Is there a surgery for "high hips"?

Aug 14, 2013
You ladies have it easy! Seriously...
by: Anonymous

Imagine being a guy and still having high hips. That's what I go through. Maybe it's my mixed hormones, I don't know. I'm kind of a gender hybrid I guess. Sometimes but rarely, I even feel parts I don't have... like a phantom sensation. They say that everybody starts out female in the womb and then either stays that way or turns into a male. In most cases it's complete but in rare cases like mine you end up something in between. If I wore my jeans at the waist like people say a guy should, I would have the effect of looking like one of those old men you see in pictures with their pants pulled almost all the way up to their armpits. My belly button hits five inches above my belt line so I just dress comfortably and deal with it. If I wear a shirt that's fairly loose and covers my midsection, you can't really tell that I've got hipbones jutting up five inches above my belt line. People sometimes give me weird looks if they notice that I look different... as though it was something I could do something about. I've been picked on since I was five because I looked different. It was so bad sometimes that I wanted to die. I'm glad I didn't because I've seen some beautiful things in my life, but making it to this point wasn't easy. If I had a choice to go back and not be born (to opt out of a challenging life), I wouldn't do it because life is beautiful. I'm a proud uncle of three special kids, and I would like to be a father to one of my own some day. I just need to find myself a good woman who doesn't mind that she and I don't look quite as different from one another as society expects. The purpose of this message isn't to make anyone sad but to help you to see that if these are your greatest challenges, you could have turned out a lot worse. I hope I've been able to help someone accept themselves a little better.

Be well and God bless...

Jul 30, 2013
help me
by: andaleeb

m confused in reference to my body type since by entering my bust,waist & hip measurements i got a result that i am an hourglass shape though its obvious .. but my problem is tht i have big tummy an d wide square hips along with hip back fat i dnt weather m mentioning a proper word but fat behinf the belly nd lower belly back below the waist with huge muffin top and love handles.. so i think my self to be more towards hourglass apple shape body typee.. at the same time i gain fat on my bust arms and back of braa.. i dnt understand what kind of body m having .. coud u plz tell me guide me how to get rid if diss xtra bumps.. nd let me knw my xact body type

Jul 17, 2013
me too!
by: brooke

I have the same problem! I'm so glad I found this site, so i know I'm not the only one. Like ...i feel like I'm an hourglass shape too, for the same reason as you, our waists are very defined. Mine is 22 inches (not that small considering I'm only 4'11"), but my hips get in the way of making me have a curvy figure. Instead I look, ...pointy. Idk how else to put it. Like there's my waist which is defined and toned, and then right after are my pointy hips jutting out, which creates a very flat area until you get to the widest part of my body.

May 26, 2013
by: Ellbell

Ah, I am so excited that I finally have an explanation for my stupid hips that just won't look good unless you can't see them...

I'm perfectly happy with everu other part of my body, and from the side I look normal.

It's nice to find other people with the same problems!

May 24, 2013
I have them too!
by: Mermaid

I'm reallly glad I finally figured out what's my problem. I always thought that I have a weird body type, because of my hips. I was so self conscious, I always needed to hide my muffin top:( I realized that my high hips look better when I'm at a lower weight, they're almost smooth then, and you can't see those bulges. So I'm trying to stay fit and lose a little bit of weight. But I hate when I gain, because even the slightest weight gain goes to my higher hips! And it's frustrating. But I'm glad I found other girls who have the same problem as mine, and it's nice to read their advices and opinion! I think we girls should start our own secret high hips club :D
Let's not be sad because of our hips, that's not the most important thing in the world, we should be lucky and happy having healthy bodies. And plus our high hips make our legs look longer and that's one of the sexiest things!:) With exercise and smile any body can look great:)

Apr 07, 2013
Check out the blog
by: I am a violin

The number of comments has inspired me to start a blog to share tricks and swap fashion advice for women with 'high hips'. Everything from jeans to bathers and much more.

I'd love to share the support so please leave a comment on the blog!

Apr 06, 2013
by: Bec

I've found just wearing board shorts helps me to show off my little waist while hiding the violin shape of my hips.
Then we can still wear a sexy bikini.
Love you girls <3

Mar 26, 2013
Picture of My high hips :)
by: Suzy-Q

Mar 26, 2013
by: Suzy-Q

Reading all of this makes me absolutely comfortable! I would really love to see photos of all these high hips and shapes! I feel everyone here! I also have very high hips and look so wide from the side! Although my bust is 35"(34C)waist is 28" and butt is 40"(sz5) there's just that part between my waist and my butt that just looks sooo in proportional! I have a nice rear but no matter how flat my stomach gets those hips still give no hint of any weight loss :( and on top of that my rib cage is kinda wide as well...

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Finally! I have found girls/women with my same figure! I am thin and weigh 118 at 5'6 but from The front I have hips that just start waaaay too high up! I have shed tears about not having the perfect sloping curves since I was literally in 5th grade but as I am turning 18 I have to accept them. I feel so relieved and welcomed by this page and all your wonderful comments! I am going to check out brooklyn decker in hopes of making some peace with myself! God bless all you high hipped beauties!!

Feb 28, 2013
Is there a plastic surgery for it
by: Anonymous

Is there a plastic surgery that lowers the hips?

Feb 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hello ladies.
Does anyone have any suggestions for swimsuits or bikinis for our body type? I find that most bikinis pinch right at the dip. And make it look worse. Which fit has been most flattering for you?

Jan 21, 2013
by: Faye

Firstly, this site is excellent, and I really appriciate my stumbling upon it, but I think that this high-hip thing is bigger than people without high hips think.
I am tall and to look at me, you would not say I was top or bottom heavy. I have high hips. It has taken me years to work out what was "wrong" as like the original post, even when fairly slim (I have been both overwieght and very slim, I currently sit at about a comftable weight where I wear bikinis, shorts skirts etc, I exercise daily). I curve tightly down to my hips then BAM they go in again and then it's almost like a "Normal" bottom and thighs are stuck on underneith!
I am so confused and amased at the clothing advice given.
Empire line looks teriible on me. It flows off under the breast and then just gently catches the hip on the way down. From the back, an empire cut makes my lower back look enormous. From the front an empire line only makes my shape look like an enormous A frame.
I wanted to take an opportunity to appeal to others with high hips reading this and/or the author. I find styles which actually sit on the hip, not above it or below it are fine. I try to focus on tops to disguise the high-hip-fake-muffin or draw your eye elsewhere, but never ever empire line. I'm very very surprised people recommend this one.
Wish you the best of luck on your fashion adventures, and high-hip people - I feel you. I thought I was overwieght as a teenager because of the "muffin".

Jan 19, 2013
Thank You!!!
by: Chelsea

When I Googled "high hips muffin tops" I never expected to find this site full of women who have the exact same issues as me! Some of your posts take the words right out of my mouth, it's amazing. I'm 23 and pretty skinny at 5'5, 120lbs. I also have a small (but cute) behind and my breasts never grew much past buds. So I look skinny from the side but from the front or back I just look so wide, and I've got those dastardly muffin tops that won't go away no matter what I do! I work out 6 days a week but they wont budge. And being so short waisted (there's no space between the bottom of my ribs and top of my hips), any tummy fat I have gets bunched up when I sit down. My ex even told me I could "tone up", confirming my fear that my high hips make me look heavier than I am. But reading all of your posts I realize I'm not alone and that our unique shape can be just as beautiful as any! So thank you :)

Jan 05, 2013
by: Ri

I'm so glad I found this knowing someone else has this body shape, I always thought I was apple shaped. Still I am jealous of girls with round hips who can wear nice dresses, I hate my hips! :(

Dec 27, 2012
I have huge breats
by: Anonymous

I have an hour glass shape but with HUGE breats and a short torso, plus I'm only 5'3. My boobs are even a bit abnormal for my size, and my hips are high. High rise jeans just make me feel fat and I cant wear any blousey shirts cuz they make me look wide....

Oct 03, 2012
not alone
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness!!! Ladies, BIG HUGS to all of you.I thought i was the only one!! double hips. I measure about 27cm around my waist and 34cm around my high hip,lol. I guess we are hourglass with high hips.I thought there was something off somewhere, but that's the beauty of our shape. We are beautiful ladies! Like someone said, women come in all shapes n sizes, n we are unique. Yes, its upsetting we can't fit into all the trendy clothes, but so what, we love ourselves, don't we just? Much love to all of you, Love yourselves! always. We should create a blog to keep encouraging each other. We're awesomely unique ladies :)

Jul 30, 2012
Damn we fine!
by: Anonymous

Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker are both girls with high hips. They both have been on the cover of sports illustrated... I think the men like our shape! Face it ladies, we're gorgeous!

Jul 30, 2012
We're beautiful!
by: Anonymous

I have always had a problem with my hips, which I now know are high hips thanks to this page. I have been told by my friends that I had really wide hips, which I do but the problem is they don't go smoothly to my thighs, they have a dip. I've always wanted to love my body but had trouble because I didn't know anyone else with these high hips and I thought I was weird. Then I saw Brooklyn decker in just go with it, and realized we have similar bodies, and she is a swimsuit model that men drool over! We have gorgeous bodies! Of course there are things that we can't wear, but everyone needs to dress for their body types! We're beautiful and have the blessing of being skinny and curvy at the same time! confidence and high hips are all a girl needs to be beautiful! I love my high hipped girls! We have beautiful bodies, stay gorgeous my high hipped friends <3

Jul 07, 2012
Dress that shelf!

I am 5'9" with shelf-like high hips, long skinny legs and a flat bottom. I'm slim all over except those hips! From my experience, the best way to wipe out the shelf is to wear A-line dresses, empire-line dresses or "princess-line" dresses with buttons down the front. I wear most of my dresses short to show off the long legs. I avoid anything with a seam at the waist and NEVER wear belts. Long tunic tops, long open cardigans over a top or long jumpers to mid thigh look good over skinny dark pants or a short pencil skirt as well. I do wear fitted jumpers sometimes, but make sure they are longer in length and have something like a big cowl neck or dramatic collar to get the focus away from the hip area. Pendant necklaces and sashes create good vertical lines as well. The only belted garment I wear is a thin-ish black ribbed cardigan with a self-belt which you can tie so the belt hangs down creating a vertical line.

These things must work because nobody believes me when I say I have a hip problem!

Jul 03, 2012
Another role model
by: Anonymous

Hey girls I found another moderl with high hips! Kate upton

Jun 30, 2012
Bathing Suits for High Hips
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I am not alone as this is a very annoying problem for me as well... I am having the worst time finding a flattering bathing suit because of this issue as where most bathing suits hit, it gives me a terrible love handle effect that I don't normally have in jeans or even cute underwear. I don't want to resort to a one-peice. Has anyone solved this mystery?

Jun 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

omg ahh i hate my double hip problem but im glad im not alone it really does suck though because there realyy arent any clothes that look flattering on me except a tan top with a hoodie to cover my hips

May 24, 2012
I thought it was just my family!
by: Anonymous

I come from a family of women with high, wide hip bones. My mother, my sister, aunts, cousins. All of us are "blessed" with this unique body shape. I use to be much smaller before I had my son. 5'5 about 110 lbs. I'm about 15 pounds heavier now. And it seems like all the extra weight went straight to the high hip love handle area. Even at my skinniest, I was aware that my body type was different. I couldn't wear those cute low rise jeans because they always seemed to hit right at the dip of my hips giving that love handle effect. And now that I do actually have a little fat in the area, after pregnancy, I've completely given up. Ive accepted that I need to find a good mid rise Jean. Ive learned that it's important not to wear things with a waistband that are too tight around that area. And I found that if a pair of pants or shorts fits comfortably around the waist, I can wear a tighter top without getting that shelf appearance.

May 18, 2012
Another one here!
by: Anonymous

All this time I thought I was an apple, because all my weight goes to my high hip bones and gives me love handles. But naturally I am skinny, the hip bones are so high though and look so out of proportion. It's like I have an hourglass shape - big boobs, perky booty, but then these weird hip bones smack in the middle of my abdomen that draw so much attention! I want to wear tight dresses like my friends but I'm afraid I'll look ridiculous.

On the plus side, I have had guys randomly come out and tell me a few times that they specifically love "my shape," and that I have curves in "all the right places," so we must be doing something right, ladies!

Mar 05, 2012
Finally a name for this....
by: trixy

I have to agree with an above/below poster - I want to cry tears of joy after finding this :) I have a very large butt (approx 40 inches), slim waist (25in) and I was always confused as to where my "hips" are b/c there seem to be 2 sets lol..I have the bones right under my waist and then I have some "flare out" around my butt and the in-between spot is just awkward (to me)...I still wear low cut jeans b/c I have a very flat stomach but those perfect semi circle hourglass-y hips that go from the waist, right to the side of the butt are NOT what I have...mine are more like a slim cello I husband claims he has no idea what I'm talking about but I'm very aware when I try on form fitting dresses despite my proportions (34-25-40), I shy away and lean towards a-line dresses but should I really be ashamed of my body? I need to work it out with myself b/c I see women of all shapes (and I do mean ALL) that are so confident and I want to be there with them

Feb 19, 2012
spoon shape
by: Anonymous

I think our shape is closest to so colled "spoon" , but so far I have found only one page with some advices
"As a Spoon Body type (sometimes called figure 8), your hips are larger than your bust and you have a defined waist. Your hips have a “shelf” appearance, you are prone to gaining weight in your tummy and have a tendency towards love-handles. While you may gain weight in your upper thighs and upper arms, your lower legs and arms are shapely and your best assets".

This "high hips" body doesnt fit into th emost common shapes, like hourglass, bricket, apple, pear etc.
So , ladies, who else know how to dress our hips and where to find some advices?

Does anybody know where to find some more infos on that?

Feb 17, 2012
Happy I found this
by: Anonymous

This is such a relief! Over the last year the 'double hip' thing has made it really hard to find clothes that look good and I've started to really hate my figure. We should post advice, photos etc!

Feb 16, 2012
What a relief!
by: Anonymous

Ohmygod, this is such a relief! You guys don't understand. I'm 16 & I used to be such a stick but in the past few years I hit puberty & got hips but I really thought that I just got fat! High hip bones are such a pain because it makes it hard to stay trendy and still dress right for your body type! Now that I know this I am soooo relieved though! Thanks :)

Feb 02, 2012
Jennifer, second paragraph!
by: Kyla

I also have the dreaded "double hip" but am reasonably skinny! 5'6" 140. I am glad just like you guys are to find others but I still kind of want them to go away. I find if I exercise on a regular basis, the muffin tops go away and make it a smoother curve, but the bottom bumps are still pretty difficult to get rid of.

Jennifer, I agree! Tight dresses and all that are difficult for us to wear because it can show off our double hips as bad as being naked! Usually pantyhose helps me with that problem, because it can kind of hold them down a bit. It's so weird to talk about this like we're fat but we're not, we just have this weird hip thing. And I've stopped worrying about my stomach-it's not perfect but I learned in school that everyone has a layer of adipose (fat) tissue under our bellies. They vary in size of course, but you cannot get rid of it! It's is there for warmth, protection, all that. I just practice keeping my belly in, which is good for the muscle.

Jan 12, 2012
Yay!Finally! I found my peeps!!
by: MissTahnee

I almost burst into tears when I found this site with all you lovely high hipped beauties supporting and sharing your frustrations at these double trouble hips!!. I have been wondering all my life what the fu*k is wrong with my body, and why do I hate almost all clothes, especially dresses and pants? Where did my waist go?why do I have a friggen muffin top no matter what weight I'm at? Why do I always feel fat even at my skinniest , and Why havent I seen anyone else with these oh so delightful hips. God bless Brooklyn D for showing the world how beautiful we are. And god bless the rest of you girlies. It feels soo amazing to finally know I'm not the only one, and hey who knows mayb we will even get our own official " body type' one day and low & behold they might even start to make clothes that do us justice!!!!

Jan 10, 2012
so happy! but go to the second paragraph, i have a question:)
by: jennnifer

i didn't think anyone shared the same body type as me, i'm so happy! i'm 5'4 and 118 pounds...i feel kind of fat sometimes and right now i'm on a 30 day diet in which i only eat 400 calories a day and i'm supposed to lose about 10 pounds in a month! It's definitely not as hard as I thought it would be...just chew gum and drink a lot water! Yeah but really, i'm happy people have the same body type as me. I have the annoying double hips, b cup breasts, a (if it doesn't sound too vain) fabulous perky bottom, and my thighs touch a little at the top, not to mention my tummy's like a part sticks out!! there's like a round bump right where my belly button I just want to slim everything down and then tone. Apparently once you get rid of most of your body fat then getting abs is really easy, you just need to get the fat down low enough so that it's noticeable.

one question though! do you ladies ever find that you don't look good in tight dresses and tight skirts (like pencil skirts)? I find it makes my double hips show and it just doesn't look that nice. What are your thoughts on this?

Dec 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Glad to know that I'm not the only one! I used to haaaaaaaaaaate my hips its like a mini hour glass where I didn't want it to be, and mind you I'm skinny 5'6, 105. But I always had like this muffin top hips that went in and went out. I thought I was a freak I wanted pretty smooth curves like the other girls. Glad to know someone out there is showing off!!

Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have always thought I had wide hips and searched for advices on this kind of body. But again, my bum is flat, there is nearly no waist (due to my very high hip bones), so all the tipps for pear shaped women dont apply to me.
From the side I am very flat, from behind-too broad.
Now I see, all of the sudden, that my hips are not actually wide, they are just high! Therefore my upper body appears short and whatever I wear, it somehow doesnt suit me.... Not easy to dress this shape! Please, put some more advices with picts! I am not fat, rather tall and have really good long legs, but when I look in the mirror, I can see only this hudge lower area-as somone said-like a screen:-(

Oct 21, 2011
by: Grace

I found this page while looking up what shape Brooklyn Decker is because she is only one who has this same weird shape as me. Some sites said pear, some said hourglass. It's nice to know there are other people out there that have this same "problem." I love having my curves, it's just always confused me why I have double hips and most people don't. I agree with the person below who said it gives "an old age feel" to us. It's nice to know I'm not the only one trying to dress for a shape never recognized.

But, Brooklyn Decker has been named one of the hottest swimsuit bodies. Looks like the double hip is coming into fashion. =)

Sep 21, 2011
by: Captain

I thought I was the only person with this body type, either! I googled every possible variation I could think of, several times a week... for years!

I'm an hourglassy size ten with extremely dippy high hips. I've worn midrise jeans for years, and they are wonderful, but the problem comes when I have to dress up. I not only have high hips, but also a large bust, and most styles make me look larger except for snug, body-contoured shapes... which WOULD look great, if not for the high hips. I've tried squashing my hips under gym shorts that I always wear under skirts and dresses, but if they ever get slightly dislodged, they look horribly lumpy, and spanx ruins the hourglass silhouette by making me look boxier.

What I actually do seems slightly counter-intuitive, but I take a bit of rolled up toilet paper and tape it to the dip between my hip and thigh. You'd think this would make me look bigger but actually, it makes me look slimmer because it smooths out the 'lumps' and gives a nice smooth, curvy silhouette.

Aug 29, 2011
proud to have high hips
by: Anonymous

I´m also very happy!!!!! I thought me and Brooklyn Decker were the only ones with this georgeous type of body! I suffered a lot with this body until I foun Brooklyn Decker (palmer in Just Go With It and Sports Illustrated cover girl) really girls you should google her, she has great advices and body confidence tips! we should feel proud to have this strange but georgeus kinf of body and I can tell you guys actually like high hips(; we should do a blog for this kind of body where we can express how we feel and what to wear! I hope people see high hips as a blessing!! really google Brooklyn, she swhould be our role model!!!

Aug 25, 2011
Finally! :)
by: Anonymous

I am beyond happy to know that i'm not alone! I'm the only person I know with these high hips, and being a teenager in Australia, most girls my age wear bikinis and skimpy clothes in summer, but that just makes me feel self conscious. I'm quite slim from the side, but i always seem to look really wide from the front, but i've learned to appreciate the body that God has blessed me with, as we are all perfect in his sight! I have also found that by wearing pants and shorts that sit on your hips, not below, create a nice silhouette figure :) Learn to love your bodies ladies! :) <3

Aug 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Cant believe I finally found a name for what has been the bane of my existence. I am super super skinny and my high hips make me feel so self conscious, I look like I have love handles in pictures. So glad to hear im not the only one suffering from this

May 09, 2011
What am I?
by: Anonymous

I am confused at what shape I am. My meausurements are 32-25-37 but my shoulders are 38 inches. My arms are toned and I have 6 " wrists, but 21" thighs, that are very strong Am I Inbetween an hourglass and a pear shaped body?

May 09, 2011
What am I?
by: Anonymous

I am confused at what shape I am. My meausurements are 32-25-37 but my shoulders are 38 inches. My arms are toned and I have 6 " wrists, but 21" thighs, that are very strong Am I Inbetween an hourglass and a pear shaped body?

May 03, 2011
Thank you!!!!!
by: Anonymous

i am a 16 (turning 17) year old girl.
I have always noticed i had love handles no matter how much weight i tried to loose. I could never work out why.
I feel so different then all the other girls with amazing swoop waists while mine looked like a shelf. My mum has the most amazing hourglass figure so that never helped either.
This is awesome knowing im not the only one that has this crazy figure! Its just high hips!!!
thank you so much everyone!!!!! It means so much!

May 03, 2011
Thank you!!!!!
by: Anonymous

i am a 16 (turning 17) year old girl.
I have always noticed i had love handles no matter how much weight i tried to loose. I could never work out why.
I feel so different then all the other girls with amazing swoop waists while mine looked like a shelf. My mum has the most amazing hourglass figure so that never helped either.
This is awesome knowing im not the only one that has this crazy figure! Its just high hips!!!
thank you so much everyone!!!!! It means so much!

May 03, 2011
Thank you!!!!!
by: Anonymous

i am a 16 (turning 17) year old girl.
I have always noticed i had love handles no matter how much weight i tried to loose. I could never work out why.
I feel so different then all the other girls with amazing swoop waists while mine looked like a shelf. My mum has the most amazing hourglass figure so that never helped either.
This is awesome knowing im not the only one that has this crazy figure! Its just high hips!!!
thank you so much everyone!!!!! It means so much!

Apr 28, 2011
Thank you for speaking out and my Style tips.
by: Anonymous

Wow I have ask gyms and my doctor what was wrong with me because I thought there was something wrong with me. WHen I was younger and skinny I thought I had a boy figure and no low hips like the other girls (but I always had a bubble butt) so I tryed gaining weight to have a more full figure and all it did was add wait to my high hips and give me a pot belly, or love handles they called it. It use to take me hours to shop and still kind of does but now I know more what works for my body and what probaby doesnt. Often I would try to hide it with big baby doll tees and then get asked if I was pregnant. I use to go home and cry why I was shaped that way so I am glad to know I am not the only one and there is nothing wrong with us we are just unique.
I find the leggings style with femine tops, or ethnic tops look great with me and ankle heels 2 inch( shows off legs, butt and chest) and a feminine waited long coat give a more fiminine waist. I have two Derion jean pants jumpsuits ( Beyonces line )

and they actually look great on me. Also BeBe' size 10 high waisted pencil skirt
and a bustier shows off my curves in a sexy way.

and I use to hate dresses, but now I figured out one who our pleated, rouged, ruffled on the top high and tighter below chest above our high waist and goes out straight below makes your waist smaller and smooths out your double hips. SO have fun with it and love those curves.

Mar 12, 2011
Joining to choir of thanks on behalf of all high hipped women!
by: Anonymous

I must contribute here too, and express my thanks for getting a name for this body fate. I have ever since my teenage years suffered from tight waists and muffin cups with jeans and trousers because of my high hips. I always thought I was just fat. At some point in my late teens I had a eating disorder, but even then I could never buy smaller jeans because the 'waist' didn't give in...

I'm used to calling my hips 'double hips', and I fell in love with the art of Henri Matisse, because he had described these 'double hipped' women in some of his art (check e.g. Le bonheur de vivre). In general I think our hips have a classic, old-fashioned style. This is my way of thinking us as feminine and attractive. :)

Now being over 30 and having had several kids I'm starting to see things in different perspective. Though it is still not easy to find trousers! Generally the most difficult dressing point is the middle part of my body; I don't like the long and wide part from high hips down to high thighs. My lower back and bottom look like a movie screen, and I'm just too used to hiding them under long tunic tops. I would like to have more versatility here but haven't found a solution yet...

Feb 21, 2011
thanks guys!!
by: Russia

yay to wide, high hipped women! Hey I know so many women like that that are usually beautiful but extremely embarrassed to show off their body because of it. And they are skinny women! I am one of them... the more we embrace this body type the more it will become normal and the more comfortable women all around the world will be in their own skin!

Feb 21, 2011
wide, high hips unite!
by: Anonymous

I am so happy I found this website. I have searched so long, trying to at least figure out a name for my hips.. I thought this was a rare thing that only few women had.. I am, as well, so happy to hear that I'm not the only one! Also, if any of you have heard of Brooklyn Decker, you will see she has slightly wide, high hips, too. I'm a very skinny female (115 pds, 5 feet 4ish inches) and I have been extremely self conscious about my hips ever since I could understand what the "ideal" female body looked like. I am considered attractive based on "American" standards but I've always felt like that was because everyone just saw my face and no one could see my bone structure. I have even told others I have love handles, even though I knew they were my hip bones.. just so others wouldn't think I had some weird bone structure. So I thought telling others I was fat in that area, something that is not thought of as attractive but at least "normal", was better than something that was healthier (because I AM fit and do not have excess fat in my hip& waist region) but "weird".
Basically, I have a short torso with wide, high hips and then after that there is a slight indentation between them and the start of my outer thighs. Plus I have a small butt which makes those high, wide hips look even bigger!

Women, we need to embrace our bodies, and we need more supermodels to start showcasing this figure! I have always tried to classify my body shape, but never really could because we are neither hourglass nor pear nor apple shaped. We are more.. violin shaped. lol
In any event, thank-you ladies for commenting on this blog, thank-you to Brooklyn Decker for flaunting her curves with CONFIDENCE, and I hope this body shape is made more apparent and embraced in the media, just as curvy women with big butts are nowadays.

Keep those comments coming!!

Feb 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness. FINALLY. I've been searching for other women with this shape just to know I'm not the only one, and I couldn't find them *anywhere*. It's ridiculous how there are so many classifications for women's body shapes and *none* of them ever mention us. I've never once seen a model, even plus size, with this shape either. It makes you feel like you're so unattractive that people want to pretend your body type doesn't exist. Like an abnormality, not a legitimate body shape. :(

I hate it because I can never have a good figure no matter how much I weigh. I'm currently at a healthy weight, almost the minimum of what I should weigh, but still look like this. I can only imagine how horrible it will look when I inevitably gain weight later in life. I have to be really careful about what I wear. I wish I could just wear the clothes I want without having to worry about looking like a freak.

Feb 10, 2011
Dip Hip Revolution
by: Anonymous

Oh. My. Can I just say that I am beyond thrilled to finally find women with the same body type as mine! I have always refered to my hips as "dip hips" when trying to explain my shape. They SUCK. I always look like I have a muffin top no matter my weight or clothing. For a while I was wearing rolled up running shorts underneathe my skirts in hopes of eliminating the dip hip. Bad idea. Ha! Sometimes I also wear a loose belt which seems to even things out a little. My favorite secret is low rise jeans with a long, open cardigan. It's definitely slimming and versatile. Dip hips SUCK but we gotta learn to live with them, ladies.

Jan 26, 2011
hi help
by: angela

hi i dont know what body shape i am . ihave big boobs go n at the weist then out to a big bum my mesengers are bust 45 inches weist 40 and hips 48 please help me thanks

Jan 26, 2011
hi help
by: angela

hi i dont know what body shape i am . ihave big boobs go n at the weist then out to a big bum my mesengers are bust 45 inches weist 40 and hips 48 please help me thanks

Dec 05, 2010
Thank you, so much.
by: Anonymous

This has helped me loads, I tried to explain the shape of my hips to my friend and she didn't get it. I always thought I was just a but chubby around my hips. Thaaaank yoouuu! :D

Oct 27, 2010
Hourglass or apple?
by: Bev

I always thought that in order to have a true hourglass figure your natural waistline had to be 12" less than your bust and hip measurment. Right now my measurements are 38-29-37, high hips, long very thin legs, and a flat butt. I am small boned so my shoulders are narrow and my arms are thin also. I have to really watch my weight because when I gain the majority of it goes all in the front of my torso from my bust down to my hips. I always thought I was an apple because my lower abdomen sticks out. What shape do you think I am?

Oct 18, 2010
Yay I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

I'm always envious of ladies with a smooth tapering waist lines as they look fab in tight bodycon dresses and long vests and t shirts and bikinis while I feel "square" and "boxy".

I have a tiny waist (25") and I'm very slim with long legs. My high hips can be a problem when buying trousers/jeans as when they fit my thighs and bum they dont shut round my hips so then you go up a size and end up with a baggy bum and thigh bit but it shuts round your hips. Nightmare!

The things than I've come to realise I suit are short blazers, cropped carigans, short dresses with empire line, pencil skirts with tucked in tops and full dresses with your own added waist belt where YOU want it! make the most of your best bits eg legs, hair and no one will notice your hips - honest!

Dont buy - cardigans / jumpers / coats with built in belts (the belt will always sit on the high hips making you shapless. Long vests or tees (unless they're worn loose and the wrinkles soften your angular hip area. Hope this helps.

Oct 10, 2010
Re: Katie
by: Anonymous

Try an empire waist style dress, or a cocktail style dress that cinches in around your little waist then flares out (flows over the hips and shows off your fabulous long legs). You'll look great, good luck!

Sep 19, 2010
I'm the same way
by: Katie

Thank you so much for this! I thought I was the only one with this problem.. The permanent muffin top because of my high hips. I just bought some mid-rise jeans and I really do have to say thank you because it evened me out so much. My hips look normal now! I'm still stuck with the problem of what dress style should I wear? Like for Homecoming and formal events. I'm tall (5'9), my legs are very long, hips high, short torso. Sometimes I feel like no dress looks good! So if you could please help me out with this, that'd be awesome. Thanks again!

Sep 01, 2010
Thanks!!! :)
by: Anonymous

I always thought that i was like the only one with these hips, but i'm heaps glad to know i'm not alone. I think it sucks though, because I can't wear tight clothes or bikinis because i don't like the way it looks. But i figured out that if you wear shorts and pants that sit on your hips, and not under them, it actually makes it look like your hips sit in the right place. Thanks for writing this, it makes me feel better! xx :)

Aug 26, 2010
High Hips Heavy Hourglass
by: Andrea

I have a very short torso with high hip bones. While it makes me look dumpy of top (especially with my DD cup bust) it does make me look like my legs are a mile long. Before childbirth I had a perfect Marilyn Monroe figure but now I am thick through the waist. I thought I became an apple but I'm not. I was just wearing the wrong clothes and it made me look dumpy.

I'm focusing on fitted blouses and sweaters with a defined waist to emphasize what I have. Empire silhouettes look awful on me and peplums look gorgeous.

Aug 03, 2010
by: Clea

I've got very high hipbones and always just assumed because of it that I was straight/boy shaped. My waist looks tiny, tinier than it actually is, because of the location of my hipbones. My measurements are 36-26-36. I've always hated my damn high hips. I have what looks like a permanent muffin top because of them, but at least I know I'm not alone!

May 31, 2010
uneven surface
by: Shannon

To the girl who asked the question featured, having the same problem with an "uneven surface" I did some research and found that you can help even out the surface physically by building up your abductor muscles. I'm going to try it out soon and thought I would share.

May 19, 2010
by: T. Beverly

Wow now I finally know why I am shaped like I am. Im an hourglass shape with higher hips!!! I am so insecure about them, because I have a little fluff around my tummy area and at first I thought I just had big love handles, but I really don't have love handles... that was my hips that whole time. Im happy for that discussion... Thanks

Apr 30, 2010
Thank You!
by: Shannon

After all these years of confusion, thanks to this website and the wonderful people who are behind it I've finally figured out my shape! I am an hourglass figure with high hips, I look JUST like the model in the picture in this article, but I have a medium build and a little more meat on my bones (average-thinnish, but not twiggy). I definitely have a problem with looking broader up top despite my small bust and hourglass measurements. Could you write an article or something specifically about dressing hourglass shaped women with high set hips? That would be positively amazing!

Apr 29, 2010
Pear body shape
by: Anna Villaruel

Hi Nicky, if your high hips are broader than your bust then it's most likely that you're a pear body shape! :)

Feb 24, 2010
What body shape am I?
by: Nicky

Well.... I also have high hips and mostly of my weight goes in that part of my body. The rest goes in my thigs and in boobs. I don't have much of butt, unfortunately :)) My proportions are 36C - 28- 39. My shoulders are the same size like hips and they are straight and skinny. So, could you please tell me what body shpe am I?? Thank you

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