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Hi <>!

Wow, it’s been a long time, I know. I’ve been on such a long hiatus. But it’s all due to personal issues so please bear with me in this difficult period of my life :)

Anyway. I’m so glad that Autumn is here! It’s the time of the year that I just love because of the layering and cozy knits. You'll find a new must-have trend report on the Fall & Winter 2010-2011 fashion, and there are currently 5 how-to-wear-it articles in it. I’ve also added a comment form which enables you to submit your thoughts, ideas or any opinion regarding the trend I write about.

As I was looking at my calendar I realized something... www.thechicfashionista.com turned 2 years on September 23rd! So yay, happy birthday to me and my site :-)

I just want to let you guys know that October, November and December are going to be very busy months for me as I’ll be doing 3 things: 1. Become a certified image consulant (I'm finally formalizing my knowledge!) 2. Become a certified color analyst and 3. A new secret project based on the how to wear a scarf-book I was talking about earlier this year :D

Oh, and I just set up a Facebook fanpage as well! Join my Facebook page here and get my site's latest updates on your FB account.

I’m wishing you a fashionable, inspirational and joyful Autumn!


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Latest Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2010-11: How to Wear it

So what’s hot for Fall/Winter 2010-11?

There’s lots to choose – ranging from punky snake print wetlook leggings to minimal lady coats. Some of my favorite pieces are: the color camel (it looks amazing on warm skintones, but if you're cool-toned you can just top it off with a statement necklace in silver), wedge boots (best way to look tall and slim in the cold weather) and of course, lace with leather!

The stylish trends and details for F/W 10-1 are continuously being added to the new current fashion trends-section.

Fall/Winter Fashion 2010-2011 Must Haves

50 Books Every Fashionista Needs to Read

Beatrice Own, the webmaster behind www.bachelorofscience.com, was kind to send me a link to one of her articles with the top 50 books every fashionista needs to read.

Here is the link: 50 books every fashionista needs to read

I couldn’t agree more on the compiled list of books. I’ve only read a 1/3 of them though but the rest have received lots of good as well as so-and-so reviews, but it’s a good start for any aspiring fashionista.

If you’re not that interested in designer fashion you can just skip the Fashion History recommendations. Fashion Books by Celebrities and Fashion Personalities and Books to Learn the Basics of Style and Fashion are definitely for you if you’re new to style and fashion. The Fashion Photography Books are also good if you are visual and wishes to expand your style envelope. Great for marveling at the aesthetic and creative beauty of fashion couture!


You can purchase the books at:
1. Amazon (inarguably the largest book portal on the internet)
2. Bookdepository (free shipping worldwide)


Until next time, sweeties! See you next month :)

Editor of www.TheChicFashionista.com

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