Issue #005
Thursday, March 18th, 2010

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From the Editor's Desk

It's been a while, huh? Yup, my schedule is pretty much jam packed, so I'm lucky if I even get the time to blog. New and exciting stuff are soon appearing on the fashion site -- a contribution/guest write section, guide to finding and defining your personal style (in the fashion basics-section), an e-book on how to wear a scarf in multiple chic ways and a style program comprehensive personal styling tool which provides you with personalized recommendations on what type of clothes are best for your body shape -- just to mention a few! ;-)

Right now it's all about the spring/summer 2010 fashion trends, so if you haven't updated your wardrobe yet you'd better start NOW as the warmer months are fast approaching. But before you start shopping make sure you spring-clean your closet by throwing out anything that looks wrong on you and garments you haven't worn for the past 3 years. The space in your wardrobe is precious so get rid of anything that doesn't serve you anymore -- or at least keep it away from your closet. It's time to make room for your the new clothes!

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In This Issue of Chic Fashion News:

1. New Fashion Advice and Ideas in the Forums:

5 star 6 new ideas on how to buy and wear accessories
5 star 16 tips on determining your color, dressing your shape, finding your body shape category, defining your personal style, and mixing prints.
5 star 8 new tips on buying clothes
5 star 8 new fashion inspiration and style how to's

2. New Featured Fashion & Style Articles:

5 star Step by Step Guide to Organizing Your Closet
5 star Spring & Summer Fashion 2010 Trend Report: 15 Chic Must-Haves That Keep Your Style Sizzlin'
5 star How to Choose a Pair of Flattering Womens Capri Pants
5 star Plastic Storage Ideas
5 star Under Bed Storage Solutions

5 new blog posts

4. Latest coupons and sales:

5 star Use the coupons to update your wardrobe with spring essentials

5. 3 Hottest Trends Right Now:

5 star Sweatshirts
5 star Leopard Tank Top
5 star Black Opaque Tights

6. Featured: How to Clean Your Closet for Spring



Ideas on How to Wear Accessories

1. What To Wear With Gray Mesh Tights?

2. Best Full Body Shapers for Pear Body Shapes

3. Flattering Beanie Hats for Round Face Shapes

4. Does Double-Floral Clash?

5. Are Scarves Tied Like a Bandana Around the Neck a No-No for Large Breasts?

6. Where Can I Find Cropped Tankini Swimsuit Tops With a V Hem

How to Analyze and Dress Your Personal Style

1. How to Dress If You Have a Petite Pear Body Shape

2. How to Mix Patterns and Textures

3. How to Tell If a Jackets Fits You Perfectly

4. How Do You Find Your Personal Style?

5. How Do I Define My Personal Style?

6. How to Dress Fashionable During Pregnancy and Other Maternity Fashion Tips

7. Guidelines to Objectively Clean Your Wardrobe

8. Is Matching Shoe and Handbag Color Outdated?

9. How Does Graying Hair Affect Your Personal Colors?

10. I Am a Deep Autumn: What Is My Flow Season?

11. Am I An Hourglass Despite An Inch Difference Between Hip and Bust?

12. Finding A New Style for My Short Haircut

13. Are Ankle Length Skirts or Skirts Just A Few Inches Above the Ankle Still Being Worn?

14. I Have Warm Skin With Summer Eyes

15. A Wardrobe Full of Clothes But Nothing to Wear

16. How to Wear Shorts When You Have Short and Stumpy Legs

Ideas on Looking Stylish

1. What to Wear With Rhinestone Jeans

2. How to Dress Sexy for a Girl's Night Out in New York City

3. How to Wear Trashion Trend if You're Over 50

4. What to Wear for Valentine's Day

5. Why Are Most Bohemian Clothes Sleeveless?

6. How Can I remain Stylish And Modest As a Teacher?

7. How to Wear a Grey Striped Button Vest

8. Can I Wear Cowboy Boots With Shorts?

Tips on What, Where to Shop, How to Wear It

1. How to Wear a Denim Skirt If You're Over 40

2. How to Hem Dress Pants to Wear With Both Flats and Heels

3. What to Wear With My Wedding Lace Dress?

4. Best Boyleg Swimsuits for Tall Women

5. When and How to Wear a Dressy Ruffle Top?

6. Clothing For An Adult, Not a Old Woman

7. I Have High Hips and Don't Know What to Wear

8. Can a Short Torso Work With High Waisted Skirts?


1. How to Organize Your Closet Step by Step

2. Plastic Storage Drawer Ideas

3. Under Bed Storage Solutions

4. What To Consider When Buying Capri Pants

5. Shop Womens Capri Pants

3. Spring/Summer 2010 Trend Report: What To Wear and How to Wear It


1. What Are YOUR Spring 2010 Wardrobe Essentials?

2. I Love Shopping In Spain

3. Are Capri Pants Really a Fashion Faux Pas?

4. What's YOUR Personal Style?

6. Upcoming Changes for



Coupon Deals and Sales March 18th: Get them here!


Message to my international readers!

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1) Sweatshirts

Ashley Olsen shows how you can look chic and casual wearing an oversized sweatshirt with tailored khaki pants, black pumps and a simple chain-link purse.

Read more about sweatshirts

2) Leopard Tank Top

Kim Kardashian can really work the leopard top without overdoing it, and so can you!

Read more about how to wear a leopard top

3) Black Opaque Tights

Nicole Richie does it again with an incredibly chic winter outfit with black opaque tights, denim shorts and Jackie O sunglasses.

Read more about how to wear black opaque tights


It's Time to Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe!

I usually shop clothes for a whole new wardrobe at least 2 times a year, once in spring and around fall. Doing two major shopping sprees a year helps you build a solid, high quality and diversified wardrobe than picking individual garments here and there throughout the year.

As you know, March and Septemeber tend to be the fattest months with new trends because that's when fashion significantly changes. So it is a good practice to clean out your closet around February/March and August/September -- making room for the new clothes!

Here's what to do before you start updating your wardrobe:

  • Take everything out of the closet
  • Get rid of anything that is damaged or broken and can't be fixed. Anything that is broken should be repaired asap (diy or send it to your local tailor) -- what's the point in having a damaged clothing in your wardrobe if you're not going to wear it?
  • Purge, purge, purge. Donate anything that doesn't fit you anymore. Remember to try it on, especially if you don't wear it often. See if you like it, if the fit is good, colors right, etc. Questions to ask yourself when organizing your closet
  • Vacuum your closet, clean it with sponge and soap, and dry it with a cloth.
  • Organize the clothes by clothing type and color. Put the clothes back in their designated space.
  • Take stock of what you have, what you need, and what you want
  • Start looking for clothes and trends that you want to wear for spring. Use catalogues and magazines -- tear out images and create a collage.

Happy spring-cleaning! :-)


Until next time, sweeties! See you next month :)

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