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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

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Valentines heart M & M's

Image credit: Fraggelerawker

Valentine's Day is only 11 days away and I hope you've planned your outfit for this special Holiday :-) whether you have a date or not, this day gives you a very good reason to plump up your looks! In this month's feature article you'll find 6 style ideas to spruce up and show some lovin' in your outfit to the one you love.

So do you have any plans for Valentine's Day?

I have, but I won't be spending it with my boyfriend of 3 years :( My mom just recently turned 50 (the big 5 ooohhh) and she and my father want to spend a whole week with my sister and I at their summer house in Spain :-)

So I'll be spending 8 days in sunny Alicante in Spain from 14th to 2rd of February. That means hellooo to Zara, Mango, Bershka, Stradivarius, street markets, beach promenades, paellas and Corona's.

Enjoy this month's newsletter, and make sure you add a comment in the forums :-)

Mucho love,

In This Issue of Chic Fashion News:

1. New Fashion Advice and Ideas in the Forums:

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2. New Featured Fashion & Style Articles:

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3. Latest blog posts:

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5 star Why womens should stop hating pantyhose.

4. Latest coupons and sales:

5 star Do some last-minute online purchases before Valentine's Day

5. 3 Hottest Trends Right Now:

5 star Slouch Boots
5 star Large Teardrop Earrings
5 star Zipper Details

6. Featured: 6 Ideas on How to Look Gorgeous on Valentine's Day!



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1. Where to Find Nickel Free Jewelry

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1. How a tee can do many wonders

2. A quick look at Spring Summer 2010 trendy sandals

3. This color makes you look old

4. 3 simple fashion fixes to look slimmer in a dress

5. Gray is not Jessica Alba's color

5. Why womens should stop hating pantyhose



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1) Slouch Boots

Kate Moss wearing trendy high heel slouch boots

Kate Moss/

Slouch boots are a great choice for those who like relaxed but chic in boots. They look awesome with a pair of skinny jeans and even with bare legs.

Here are a few suggestions and outfit ideas on wearing slouch boots:

• If you want to look sexy but casual, go for boots featuring 1-3 inch heel, pointy toes and slightly shiny leather.

• If you want to go casual, stick to flat slouch boots with rounded toes, leather suede material and/or visible buckles and straps, which create a relaxed, low-maintenance look.

• Wear the boots with a short denim skirt and a pair of black opaque tights for a chic-in-the-city outfit. For warmer months, let your legs go bare and add skirt plus a nice top. Suede slouch boots look incredible with casual, short summer dresses by the way.

• Slouch boots with long skirts and dresses is a no-no as it will look like the clothes are eating you up. Plus it looks very outdated.

Slouch boots might not be for you if..

you have thick ankles/legs because the slouch detail can widen them. However the trick is to opt for boots in black as the color looks visually slimming.

Check out my slouch boot recommendations

2) Big teardrop earrings

Courtney Cox wearing large teardrop earrings which will be a big trend in 2010

Courtney Cox on Golden Globe Awards 2010/gettyimages

The Red Carpet Awards have been indicating that large teardrop earrings are going to be a big trend in 2010. "Cougars" Courtney Cox made our jaws drop on this year's Golden Globe Awards with her stunning black sapphire drop earrings.

Here are some tips on choosing the right pair of teardrop earrings:

• If you want to be able to wear large teardrop earrings without making it looking like you're attending a formal galla, stick to matte looking metals and beads like this 'Leather Brass & Silver Tears' from Alletherageonline.

• However if you're planning on wearing them on a special occasion, go for more glitter and sparkle with cubic zirconia crystals (or real diamonds for that matter). Emitations offer a wide variety of beautiful cubic zirconia drop earrings at affordable prices.

• Long and slimmer looking teardrop earrings look more flattering on wide and round face shapes as they slim down your face.

Large teardrop earrings might not be for you if..

have an triangular face shape because the motif imitates your shape and will enhance it. Your jawline will only look more bottom heavy.

3) Zipper Details

Black visible zipper detail dress

Black Zipper Dress/Lord & Taylor

You'll find visible zipper details on dresses, skirts, tops, and yes even sweaters. This is a tough-chic trend for funky women ;-) The trend started last year but it looks like it's going to continue sizzling its way through Spring and Summer.

Here is my advice on wearing zipper details:

• If you want to look longer and leaner then long vertical zippers that stretch from top to bottom (like on dresses and skirts) will help you achieve your girl.

• Be careful with horizontal zippers as they can make you look wider.

• A little goes a long way so balance it out with simple jeans, tops and accessories. Wear it as your outfit's centerpiece and work around it with more subtle accessories.

Zipper details might not be for you if..

you like looking simple and classy. This trend suits women who like to show a little tough-and-rough style in their outfit. It's a great alternative if you despise metal studs :-)



Red chiffon dress for Valentine's Day

Top-rated Dress at Macy's

Valentine's Day is less than 2 weeks away and that means it's almost time to bring a little luuuuuv in your outfit :-) No matter what date your guy (or girl) or what type of Valentine's party you're going to, now is the best time to put on an extra effort in how you look by bringing out the woman in you ;-)

So do me a favor and dress up for a fancy night out, even if you’re just going to stay in with some friends.

Here's how to look like a gorgeous million bucks for the one you love (and guys you want to impress and snag):

Do your nails

Having well-polished nails shows that you're a woman who takes care of her looks, which many men find attractive. Looking healthy = 8-)

For Valentine's Day experiment with either red nail polish or French manicure. Avoid wearing red nail polish on very long nails as it looks too tacky and might scare off guys you're trying to impress.

Subtle nude or clear pinks are also great options for making your nails look naturally beautiful, classy and very Victoria Secret Angel'ish. And because of the neutral color you're more free to wear bright colored and trendy-details clothes and accessories.

French manicure nude ivory nails


Wear a short dress

A short dress (knee length or shorter) is sure to make you look sexy, but make sure that the length isn't shorter than the tip of your fingers when standing straight up with your arms down. Very short dresses are tarty-looking and make your outfit look disproportional, almost like you're wearing a top.

Ideas on what dress styles to wear: cute floral dress (with a little bit of cleavage to counter the cuteness of the dress), heart-shaped neckline dress (gives curves but with modest coverage), black wrap dress is a classic (espcially if it's short and shows a little bit of chest), ruffle-necklined dress.

Wear red or hot pink lipstick

Red and hot pink can make your lips look fuller and luscious. Just make sure that you pick the right shade of red. This is where the seasonal color analysis comes into the picture.

Penelope Cruz wearing red lipstick

Image credit:celebutopia

Basically, if your skin is cool-pink-bluish then you look best in plum-blue based reds. But if you're warm with a warm-peachy-golden complexion you'll suit warmer reds with a brown base.

Wear nice lingerie underneath your outfit

Wearing sexy underwear can make you feel more of a woman, more confident and sexy, which can really boost your self-esteem.

Valentines day red lace thong

Felina Lucia Thong/Bare Necessities

You can always surprise him with the dessert later that evening ;-)

Wear heels

Heels make you look longer and leaner. Turn heads with a pair of trendy heeled gladiator sandals, high heel leather boots or pumps! Add some sheer hosiery or glossy pantyhose when you're at it.

Put on your best smile and stand straight!

Nothing is more sexier and attractive than a confident woman. Even though you're nervous or insecure you can always fake your confidence by putting on a great smile (great as in smiling with your eyes as well!) and straightening your back when standing and sitting.


Until next time, sweeties! See you next month :)

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