Issue #003
Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

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From the Editor's Desk

Welcome fashionistas!

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve enjoyed your Holiday :)

So where did the 4 last issues of the Chic Fashion News go??

Sorry guys, but a personal issue came up and I had to move into a new apartment. I was so stressed out in this period, you have no idea. And it didn’t exactly leave much time to updating my website so you’ve probably noticed that I’ve skipped a few newsletters.

Unfortunately I have to cut down on the newsletter frequency down to once a month, instead of every other week. Due to increased workload in my other job I won’t be able to write frequently :(

I wish you a prosperous new year!

Love, Anna

In This Issue of Chic Fashion News:

1. New ‘Ask the Expert’ Advice and Ideas:
- 7 new ideas on how to wear accessories
- 14 new tips on how to analyze and dress your skin tone and body shape
- 4 ideas on looking trendy this winter season
- 2 tips on where to shop

2. New Fashion & Style Articles:
- 3 articles on buying and wearing boots
- Tips on buying pink luggage online
- Style advice on wearing ripped jeans

3. Latest coupons and sales:
Grab several bargains with this year’s biggest sales!

4. 3 Hottest Trends Right Now:
- Statement necklaces
- Fringe boots
- Over the knee boots

5. Featured: Improve your style and appearance in 2010!



Ideas on How to Wear Accessories

1. What Shoes to Match with a Gray Pencil Skirt?

2. Should Pantyhose be Worn with Open Toe Shoes?

3. What Accessories Should I Wear with a Plum Colored Dress to a Wedding?

4. What Color of Nylon Stockings Go With a Black Cocktail Dress?

5. Do Men Like Wearing Pantyhose?

6. What Color of Shoes Go Best With a Black Satin Cocktail Dress?

7. Are Fingerless Gloves Hot This Season?

How to Analyze and Dress Your Skin Tone and Body shape

1. Finding Your Seasonal Color Group Despite Contradictions

2. What Seasonal Color Group is Kim Kardashian?

3. How Do I Slim Down My Hourglass Body Shape?

4. What Do I Do If I Can’t Wear Black?

5. How Do You Know If You’re an Inverted Triangle or Apple Body Shape?

6. Am I Still a Winter If I Have Salt and Pepper hair?

7. Advice for Rectangle Shapes Who want to Minimize Their Lower Waist

8. My Boyfriend Plays Professional Football. How Do I Look Casual and Stylish?

9. The Essential Tricks to Dressing French

10. I Have a Cool Complexion. What Hair Color Should I Go For?

11. How to Look Taller

12. Which Autumn Catgeory Do I Fit In?

13. Am I an Hourglass or Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

14. Am I Cool Despite My Warm Freckles?

Ideas on Looking Trendy This Winter Season

1. How Do I Look Chic and Trendy Without Following the Latest Fashion Trends?

2. How to Look Chic and Trendy for Winter 2009-10

3. How to Wear Boots That Are Loose on Top of the Shaft

4. What To Wear for a Wedding Party in Winter

Tips on What and Where to Shop

1. What Clothes To Buy for a Different Climate

2. Where Can I Buy Warm Winter Coats in Casual Bohemian Style?


1. Jessica Simpson Boots

2. Wide Calf Boots

3. Thigh High Socks

4. Formal Evening Gowns

5. Nine West Boots

6. Ripped Jeans

7. Pink Luggage



Coupon Deals and Sales Jan. 6th: Get them here!


Message to my international readers!

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1) Statement jewelry

Statement jewelry is any kind of jewelry that makes a big impact such as wide cuff bracelets, oversized cocktail rings and generously-sized chandelier earrings and cluster necklaces. Basically, it makes a huge impact on your outfit that you’d only want to wear one piece.

Here are a few suggestions and outfit ideas to make statement jewelry into a great accent for your wardrobe:

• Wear a multi colored necklace with skinny jeans, tee and flat boots for a relaxed and casual look.

• Wear a gold wide cuff bracelet with a long flowy maxi dress. Very Grecian style.

• Wear a cluster necklace with your little black dress. Remember to keep the colors simple to avoid outfit overkill.

Statement jewelry might not be for you if..

you’re very skinny or/and short! Huge jewelry pieces will overwhelm your figure and make you look fragile. However if you’re short and a little bit on the curvy side then statement jewelry can look good on you but you have to look for simple styles and shapes that stretch vertically for an elongating effect.

2) Fringe Boots

They’re a cute boot-style that compliment anyone with a casual-boho-hippie style. Fringe boots look great with skinny jeans and even bare legs. You should google up ‘Kate Moss fringe boots’ and see how she perfectly incorporates fringe boots in her style.

Fringe boots might not be for you if..

you’re into clean styles and perhaps have short legs/height. Frilly clothes and shoes can make you look frumpy but the trick is to choose a simple style with a maximum of one layer of fringes. Avoid super-long fringes if you don’t want your legs to look like wiggly human dusters.

Read more

3) Over the knee boots

These boots are a miracle leg wear! They elongate your legs and make you look slimmer at the same time. So you don’t have to be tall to look amazing in over the knee boots. You just have to know how to match them.

Here are some tips on how to wear over the knee boots without looking hookerish:

• If you’re petite, look for boots that sit close to your thighs. This avoids a look that will overempower your short figure

• Create a unique look and balance out the look by mixing casual/classy/or boho pieces with the boots. I personally love wearing them with a pair of wool or opaque tights and a long knit sweater.

Over the knee boots might not be for you if..

you’re self conscious about your legs or your (short) height. Sometimes a lack of confidence alone is enough to kill the look.



Improving your style and appearance can boost your self-confidence and make you feel fabulous. And this is exactly what you and I need to attract love, friends, a dream job... It basically widens the opportunities.

Now I’m not going to get all ‘self help’ on you. I just want to remind you how (sadly) looks are important these days. We get judged by the way we dress, walk, talk and live. So looking good and giving a great first impression are essential to getting ahead in life!

Start with what you’ve got and work from there. It’s all about creating your own personal style. It shows that you appreciate and don’t mind being yourself. Use colors, clothing styles and styles, shapes, etc. to express yourself!

Here are 6 ideas on how to create and improve your personal style in 2010:

• Wear colors that compliment your skin, eyes and hair

Instead of wearing whatever the trends are showing, know what colors bring out the natural beauty in your skin tone, eyes and hair. This will give you a nice, healthy glow that helps you feel good about yourself and make you look attractive.

A seasonal color analysis will give you basic idea of what seasonal category you belong to and what colors you should focus on.

• Try new colors!

Speaking of the seasonal color analysis… Finding your colors can also get you to try out new colors that you’d never thought of or dared to try. If you normally wear lots of black and grey, add a little splash of color!

Or maybe you tend to wear bright colored clothes? Then experiment by going classy with sophisticated, dark colors.

This is a great chance for those of you who tend to wear the same few colors. It’ll breathe some life into your style!

If you like brighter colors but never wear them because it’s outside of your comfort zone, then try wearing them little by little, such as a scarf or a piece of jewelry.

• Dress to flatter and bring out the best in your body shape

We all come in different shapes. Petite, plus size. Bottom or top heavy. That’s why some clothes look better on others than you. Determine your body shape and start creating outfits and buying clothes that compliment your figure.

• Dress up!

If you tend to put on a casual outfit (jeans, tee, sneakers) wherever you go, then it’s time to bring out your feminine side by dressing up! This means, updating your wardrobe and check if you have all of the basic pieces such as a trench coat, little black dress, classic jewelry pieces, etc.

A dress, a pair of high heels, a waist cinching coat, ruffles, lace, dressy earrings and even some cleavage are great examples of what can help you feel like a woman and boost your spirits!

• Organize your closet

You have no idea how organizing your closet and drawers can simplify your life! It cuts the time you spend in front of the mirror in half and makes it easier for you to put together an outfit.

• Wear your clothes differently

Do you tend to wear your clothes the same way every time you put them on? Can’t figure out what to wear your clothes with?

Then it’s time to break out of that ‘safe style zone’. Mix and match all the pieces in your wardrobe to make a more unique style and a more versatile array of clothes.


Until next time, sweeties! See you next month :)

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