Issue #002
Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

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In This Issue of Chic Fashion News:

1. Message from Anna: It's Coming!

2. So What’s New?:
- Cropped Cardigans
- Sweater Dress
- Lace Tights
- Plaid Scarves
- Hamsa Jewelry

3. Deals and Sales This Week:
Swell, Macy's and New York & Co

4. Current Fashion Trends:
- Open Cardigan
- Oversized Rings
- Plaid Shirts


From the Editor's Desk

Ok, so guys, my inbox has been bombarded with e-mails these past few months from women (and men) who need help with their fashion issues. I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to you as quickly as promised but I really need to sleep and eat ;-) It’s simply a little hard to keep up, with the website and blog, and all, plus two new fashion projects on the way *secret for now*.

New Feature at Coming on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd!

I love and appreciate that people turn to me for advice, but I often have to answer the same questions. I'm also busy planning my two new projects so yup, my schedule and energy level get pretty much splattered everywhere.

However! It just hit me that I should share the Q&A's by publishing on my site so that people can find more practical information. Most of the articles are very general, so the content might not answer your specific questions.

In my previous issue I talked about creating a website feature where you can submit your questions and have the content published on my website.

… Well, it’s about to become a reality!

On Tuesday, November 3rd, you’ll find an “Ask for Advice” –link where you can send in your questions (adding a picture is integrated in this system) and receive help. After submitting your form you’ll have to wait for me to review it. It works almost as a forum, but it’s more restricted because I have to review and probably research your questions before I can accept and publish it. This is to avoid spam and non-serious inquiries.

Another awesome thing is that you can also share your ideas and comments on the questions!

I want to bring all of you sweet readers together and let you share your own thoughts on the topic!

Now that it’s out of the box, let’s continue with the latest website updates for the past 2 (and half, ooops a little behind schedule) weeks..



1) New article: Cropped Cardigans

They’ll add a fashionable texture to your outfit. I’ve added lots of tips and advice on how to wear cropped cardigans stylishly. Read more

2) New article: Sweater Dress

A Fall/Winter favorite of mine and a nice way to look feminine in colder weather. You’ll find advice on how to wear sweater dresses. Read more

3) New article: Lace Tights

A sophisticated yet a little vampy piece of hosiery that is guaranteed to keep your Fall/Winter look up-to-date! I’ve added tips on how to create different stylish outfits with a pair of lace tights. Read more

4) New article: Plaid Scarves

Plaid scarves are popular and have evolved into different chic designs. For me the square Palestinian scarf style is over used and yes, OUTDATED, as I keep seeing them on almost every 13 year old girl and boy. To help you on your journey to looking chic, I’ve gathered the best and plaid scarf styles from around the Net for us stylish women. Read more

5) New article: Hamsa Jewelry

If you love inspirational and bohemian jewelry then I think you’ll like the Hamsa which is known to be a religious amulet which wards off bad luck and evil spirits. Hamsa jewelry has been spotted on several celeb fashionistas such as Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad. Read more

Articles Coming Soon:

- Womens Ankle Boots
- Stylish Wide Calf Boots
- Distressed Jeans
- And more!



Coupon Deals and Sales Oct. 28th:

- 20% Off Black, White and Grey Styles at Swell
- Free Shipping at Macy's
- Outerwear Special Offers at New York & Co

Get them here!


Message to my international readers!

Now you can order from online stores that don't ship worldwide. Rent your own mailbox in US or UK and have the items shipped to your home address. This gives you access to all the goodies in the US and UK!

Click here to learn more!




1) Open Cardigan

I started it off as a post at my blog but it became too long so I had to turn it into a content page at my website. Read more

2) Oversized Rings

An oversized cocktail ring is such a fashionable statement piece that you don’t need any other jewelry to show that you’re one hot fashionista ;-) I wrote a post about these gorgeous babies on my blog including shopping recommendation + tips on how to pick the right ring for your hands! Read more

3) Plaid Shirts

These sell like hot cakes and that’s not a total surprise! The masculine look of a plaid shirt spiffs up your jeans in a cool and casual way. Just make sure you don’t forget to add some feminine pieces into the mix so that you’ll avoid looking like a man. Read more


Until next time, sweeties! See you in two weeks :)

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